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Subject: Re: An incestuous inbred with a beard
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Subject: Re: An incestuous inbred with a beard
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On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 11:39:44 PM UTC-7, Dutch wrote:
> popinjay wrote:
> > If some Deliverance-looking retard with a long beard went in to buy some nitrate fertilizer, I
think most reasonable merchants would report it.  So why when "Borat" went in to rent a truck, why
didn't it raise a red flag somewhere?  Somebody dropped the ball.
> Half the "adult" men in my neighbourhood have beards like that.
> >
> > Firing squad for this freak!  No other reasonable option.  Fuck a trial..
> He's a potential treasure-trove of intel on how these guys think.

Hardly. He's only an example. An example of how propaganda works on the weak mind.

> that angle for as long as you can, after that, firing squad's too good 
> for him.