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On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 9:19:57 PM UTC-7, Seymore4Head wrote:

What the commentator said which is driving you crazy:
'what you really see is a person who either has a mental defect or who has some loss or vacuum in
their world, and they decide ISIS or Al-Qaeda ideology and those acts will validate them once and
for all in their life.'

There's no personal difference between someone who accepts direction from ISIS for this reason or
someone who accepts direction from the Islamophobic network for the same reason. 

'Cora Alexa Døving, a senior scientist at the Norwegian Center for Studies of the Holocaust and
Religious Minorities, argues that there are significant similarities between Islamophobic discourse
and European pre-Nazi antisemitism.[68] Among the concerns are imagined threats of minority growth
and domination, threats to traditional institutions and customs, skepticism of integration, threats
to secularism, fears of sexual crimes, fears of misogyny, fears based on historical cultural
inferiority, hostility to modern Western Enlightenment values, etc.'

Most of the latter . .

 . . just haven't gotten to the violent part yet but not for lack of wanting to:

"Don't you realise it's going to end in gas chambers? lol And you asked for it."
'fffurken', 5/15/15, 'Question for Vegas Dwellers' thread

"I will die a happy man if I see that cunt's head on a stick."
'fffurken', referring to Angela Merkel   9/17/15   'Can I have 800,000 more please' thread

If I actually had a Muslim (hock, spit) friend, I'd smack him (or her) in the face and tell them to
wake the fuck up. And take off that ridiculous garb, you stupid bitch. 
'fffurken', 3/8/14   'OT: Obama is a foreign policy genius.' thread

That is one Noam Chomsky Paul, I'm surprised you don't know who he is . . I would personally behead
'fffurken', 8/21/15   'fffurkens' Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity list' thread

"What's better than a Muslim? A dead one."
'fffurken', 9/19/15   'They caught the Phoenix freeway shooter' thread

'This was the time of the greatest spiritual upheaval I have ever gone through. I had ceased to be a
weak-kneed cosmopolitan and became an anti-Semite..'
- Adolph Hitler

"so what if they think Merkheil is the worst chancellor in German history" "at least Hitler wasn't a
'fffurken', 3/15/16    'fffurken's' beloved German anti-immigrant political party' thread

"What I will say though is this. If and when the time comes, I hope I am still young enough to pick
up a rifle.. and shoot me some traitorous multiculti progressives."
'fffurken', 3/31/15    'Question about 'furkon'' thread

"Yes, when the civil wars come, I hope to be young enough to pick up a rifle and shoot me some
"fffurken', 6/26/15    'Al Jazeera poll' thread

"I long for the day when progressives are put in front of firing squads. And it will happen."
'fffurken', 6/24/15      'Why do these two sound so much like 'furkedon'?' thread

"Frankly, I can't wait until we start killing progressives - beheadings, drownings, burnings, who
cares as long as they're dead."
'fffurken', 7/10/15  'Question for RGPers' thread

comment on a white racist killing a person and injuring 17 others by driving a car into protestors
in Charlottesville, VA at high speed on 8/12/17:
'lol I haven't really been following the story but from what I gather he drove into antifa scum.
Antifa scum are not _real_ people, as I conveyed in the videos. Good riddance to anti-American
communist trash.'

"Yes, the minute someone mentions "Islamophobia" you may as well tune out right there because that
person has nothing sensible to say. The people who use the phony made-up word on this newsgroup are
in the following categories, there's the progressives like Billb or Clave, the religious fanatics
like ramashiva, or the Muslims like Reza Risky, Paul Popinjay and ramashiva."
'fffurken', 9/12/15  "Sam Harris Discusses His Ben Affleck Debate on Real Time with Bill Maher"