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Subject: Re: Do What the Nice Officer Says, ep. 1005
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On Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 4:17:38 PM UTC-7, Clave wrote:
> Two New York City Police Department cops were indicted on
>     Friday for first-degree rape after being accused of forcing
>     an 18-year-old woman into having sex while she was in their
>     custody.
> In.  Their.  Custody.


>     The incident occurred inside a police van following the
>     woman's arrest for possession of marijuana and an anti-
>     anxiety drug at Bath Beach in Brooklyn.
>     According to the young woman, Officers Eddie Martins and
>     Richard Hall drove her to the parking lot of a Chipotle on
>     Sept. 15 where they raped her and forced her to perform
>     oral sex.
> Further details from varied sources, all easy to find.

A weekly tabloid, distributed free, said what?

> - The woman was handcuffed at the time.


> - After the cops returned her to her friend and removed her cuffs (that's 
> right, they UN-ARRESTED her and threatened her to keep her mouth shut)

Allegedly. “That’s right,” allegedly. You seem surprised at “un-arrested,” as though
it’s something unusual. Not only have I, as a police officer, used that penal code allowing
‘un-arrest;’ I, myself, when I was a biker, was “un-arrested.” It’s actually a useful
tool. (You effect an arrest; then get the suspect to flip on another. Like they just did trump’s
buddy, Manafort). You think the cops were stupid enough to leave their DNA in a rape victim? 

> her friend took her to a hospital for a rape kit, which turned up DNA matches to 
> both cops.

Your weekly tabloid, distributed free, said what? Funny; I didn’t see that in there.
Odd how the ER was able to make the DNA matches – that quick – without the 
officers – and give that information to “her friends.” 

Was this a Russian propaganda ad you got all this, “DNA” from?
> - The cops involved have both surrendered their badges and guns, and are on 
> leave without pay.

“Offers placed on ‘modified duty.’”

“She was viciously, brutally raped in handcuffs….” yet unmarked.
“Justice needs to be served,” says the drug dealing girl, using a pseudonym.

“Mark Bederow, attorney for Martins, said, ‘The dynamic will change when there are court

Mind if we wait for that?