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Subject: Re: MSNBC Terror Analyst Insists, NYC Attack ‘Not Islam,' Could've Been 'Radicalized Catholics'
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On Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 3:34:30 PM UTC-7, Dutch wrote:
> risky biz wrote:
> > 'Cora Alexa Døving, a senior scientist at the Norwegian Center for Studies of the Holocaust and
Religious Minorities, argues that there are significant similarities between Islamophobic discourse
and European pre-Nazi antisemitism.
> There are dozens of reputable scholars who regard the meme of 
> "Islamophobia" as a dishonest ploy to derail all critique or discussion 
> about Islam. Jordan B. Peterson PhD calls the word "reprehensible" and 
> "crooked" "It has manipulation built into it's structure". 

As if the LIES about Muslims which you post here don't have manipulation built into their structure.
What an ass.