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Subject: Re: Bergdahl walks - Democrats rejoice
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Subject: Re: Bergdahl walks - Democrats rejoice
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On Friday, November 3, 2017 at 10:00:20 AM UTC-7, wrote:
> US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl got off with no prison time

As well he should have. It’s well known that his defense attorney had the information that the
Army lied about Bergdahl’s leaving and capture; as well as the Army having Bergdahl’s army
buddies lie about the search; about the guys that “were killed,” in the search, and proof the
army lies by having the goods on the army lying about “Hero” Pat Tillman’s death. Fucking Army
lies and is a crooked as General Petraeus, when he gave military secrets to his mistress – and got
a slap on the wrist (while trying to send Hillary to jail for nothing).

> Although he did get a dishonorable discharge, which I'm sure is great comfort to the families
> of the American soldiers who were killed and wounded searching for his worthless ass. 

SEE! You drank the Army cool aid and just got caught puking it up. NOBOBY WAS KILLED, it 
was army generals lying and forcing Bergdahl’s pals to resend their support of Bergdayl and lie.

You are one gullible asshole…

> As a Veteran there are two things that have angered and embarrassed me.  The first was Hillary
> Clinton lying to the families of the four Americans she left to die in Benghazi.  

Hold on, ass wipe; that’s one of the lists YOU FAIL TO POST. She did not lie and you can’t show
where she did.

> The second was Obama in the White House Rose Garden, praising Bergdahl for his honorable service.

Just like his army buddies did – till the army generals threatened them and they had to change
their stories.

< Remainder of cool aid dumped >

> Stupid ignorant Irish Mick

Jerry (laughing at your ignorance) ‘n Vegas