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On 11/2/2017 6:13 PM, Seymore4Head wrote:
> I wonder if we can get BLM to agree that this shouldn't be
> controversial.
> I wish Billb wasn't dead.  He could tell us why it should be.

Where are our 1st Amendment supporters?

I had never heard of 4chan but the experiment certainly worked.  The 
stories are more and more proof of how far we have fallen.

The whole idea of a melting pot where all of us, no matter where we 
started, could become ... just "Americans" ... and be the envy of the 
world.  I love America and I am proud to be an American.  I am old and I 
remember the "Ugly Americans" in the old days.  I remember the Chicago 
Gangs and the Mobs (all the different ones).

I am not old enough to remember the mistreatment of the Asians or the 
Italians or the Jews (well, I remember the "Restricted" signs) or many 
other folks that could be "identified" by the way they looked.  I do 
remember Jim Crow and integration and busing ... which seemed to stop 
when it got up North into Massachusetts.

Maybe this current period will pass ... or maybe this is the end of the 
idea that we are all just Americans and we should act like it.

The KKK is dead in this country ... as it should be.  Maybe other racist 
groups like BLM may fade away as well ... as it should be.

I am also sorry that BillB passed away without a proper goodby.

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