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Subject: Re: Very shocking. Very, very disgusting.
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Subject: Re: Very shocking. Very, very disgusting.
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On Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 5:10:09 PM UTC, wrote:
> I am a pretty well traveled person and have been to more than fifty different countries.  I've
been in 
> rural and poor areas, seen a lot of things and generally think of my self as "shock proof".   But
I was
> surfing around You Tube and came across something that really surprised me.
> It talked about what a major problem "open defecation" is in the world.  Now I've been on camping
and fishing trips and occasionally took a dump in the woods.  Probably most people have and never
give it a second thought.  But they were talking about this on a massive scale and used India as an
> In India apparently "open defecation" is not just a function of poverty, it is a widely accepted
cultural norm.
> They said more than 550,000,000 Indians openly defecate every day!  In rural areas they don't have
toilets in their houses or community latrines in their villages.  Even people with the money to
build them don't do it.  So it was no surprise that they said: 
> "Open defecation perpetuates the vicious cycle of disease and poverty and is widely regarded as an
affront to personal dignity. The countries where open defecation is most widely practised have the
highest numbers of deaths of children under the age of five, as well as high levels of
undernutrition."  They went
> on to say that in India alone, hundreds of thousands of young children die each year from the
filth, germs and disease caused by open defecation.
> This open defecation practice is not limited to India, although it is by far the worst place for
it in the world.  Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries in this area also have this problem on a
massive scale.
> Bottom line, I've never been to India, or any of these other shit holes (pun intended) and
frankly, don't
> care if I ever go there.  God bless America and please never let me forget how lucky I am to live
> Irish Mike
> P.S. Apologies for the stinky topic

On the plus side if you were ever wanted by law enforcement you could go to any rural area in India
and stand still. You would never be noticed.