From: vince <>
Subject: Re: Very shocking. Very, very disgusting.
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From: vince <>
Subject: Re: Very shocking. Very, very disgusting.
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2017 21:04:35 +0000 (UTC)
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<> wrote:
> I am a pretty well traveled person and have been to more than fifty
> different countries.  I've been in 
> rural and poor areas, seen a lot of things and generally think of my self
> as "shock proof".   But I was
> surfing around You Tube and came across something that really surprised me.
> It talked about what a major problem "open defecation" is in the world. 
> Now I've been on camping and fishing trips and occasionally took a dump
> in the woods.  Probably most people have and never give it a second
> thought.  But they were talking about this on a massive scale and used India as an example.
> In India apparently "open defecation" is not just a function of poverty,
> it is a widely accepted cultural norm.
> They said more than 550,000,000 Indians openly defecate every day!  In
> rural areas they don't have toilets in their houses or community latrines
> in their villages.  Even people with the money to build them don't do it.
>  So it was no surprise that they said: 
> "Open defecation perpetuates the vicious cycle of disease and poverty and
> is widely regarded as an affront to personal dignity. The countries where
> open defecation is most widely practised have the highest numbers of
> deaths of children under the age of five, as well as high levels of
> undernutrition."  They went
> on to say that in India alone, hundreds of thousands of young children
> die each year from the filth, germs and disease caused by open defecation.
> This open defecation practice is not limited to India, although it is by
> far the worst place for it in the world.  Pakistan, Bangladesh and other
> countries in this area also have this problem on a massive scale.
> Bottom line, I've never been to India, or any of these other shit holes
> (pun intended) and frankly, don't
> care if I ever go there.  God bless America and please never let me
> forget how lucky I am to live here!
> Irish Mike
> P.S. Apologies for the stinky topic

I saw an Arab take a dump in the street when we refueled in Aden. Weird
sight to see.