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Subject: Re: Bergdahl walks - Democrats rejoice
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Subject: Re: Bergdahl walks - Democrats rejoice
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On Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 9:25:47 PM UTC-7, MINUS200 wrote:

> for all we know he could have been sitting on a patio drinking beer and 
> watching TV for 5 years
> Hate to say it but some old vet might shoot the SOB - he wants me on his 
> jury

'We' being what? People who are really fucking stupid?

It's clear as day that the purpose of all the lies and exaggerations about Bergdahl is to use him as
a way to get at America's first black President, a concept which horrifies you still. 

Bergdahl didn't desert. He definitely went AWOL for a stupid reason, got captured, and embarrassed
his country. It's very odd that a long time ago the Army admitted that no one was killed searching
for him but now it has a different story. 

And this whole dog and pony show about soldiers being put in harm's way because of Bergdahl is
ridiculous. During the Vietnam War and all previous wars the purpose of soldiers being in a war zone
was to make contact with the enemy. They didn't need a missing soldier for a reason. This shows us
just how much our armed forces have devolved into personnel hiding in bunkers while the chosen enemy
is slaughtered from afar by high technology.

And I'm also sure that you don't hate to say it but why expect you to be honest this late in your