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From: VegasJerry <jerryst@cox.net>
Subject: Next mass shooting must include Republican Politicians
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Subject: Next mass shooting must include Republican Politicians
From: VegasJerry <jerryst@cox.net>
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Next mass shooting must include Republican Politicians. These treasonous scums continue to be bribed
by the NRA and the military industrial complex’s arms manufacturers. It’s time they had to light
their own candles. It’s time they had to hold up their dead wives or kids as martyrs. “My family
died so that felons and the mentally deranged can still purchase war weapons.”

Australia stopped the mass killings and we can too. It’s time for a government buyback of these
war weapons. Nobody has a need for these assault weapons of war other than our police and military.
No silencers. No semiautomatic weapons. Only bolt-action, pump or lever. No magazines larger than 6.
No cop-killer bullets. Close the gun show loophole. And make the fine for having these so severe
nobody will want one.

Allowance could be made for gun-nuts having special firing ranges to keep a members’ assault
weapons under lock and key for Range-use only. But if they don’t support this, and fight these new
restrictions and buybacks, then that’s out too. Why wait until you or your own family members die
before doing something?