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Subject: Re: This is exactly why Hillary lost.
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Subject: Re: This is exactly why Hillary lost.
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>>> But the bottom-line is this.  Hillary Clinton, the DNC and most Democrat politicians still
refuse to take any personal responsibility for this epic loss.  They blame the FBI, KGB and the KKK.
 They blame whites, racism, misogyny, homophobes, Islamophobes, Evangelicals and climate change
deniers.  They blame President Trump and his wife and children.  The only people they don’t blame
are Hillary Clinton and themselves.
>> >
>> > That isn't believable. News flash, just because Hillary was a flawed
>> > candidate and made a lot of mistakes does NOT mean the Trump campaign
>> > didn't enlist the help of Russia during the campaign. The more time goes
>> > by the more it becomes clear just how deeply Russian intelligence and
>> > the Trump campaign were in cahoots.
>> >
>> > The people who are in denial are the Trump supporters who continue to
>> > cry "hoax" over the Russia investigation. Why else would they still be
>> > talking about Hillary?
> The real Russian collusion was with the Clintons.  Here are 145 million examples:

The government should definitely look into that, after they're done with 
Trump. He's the top priority right now, since he's the president. You 
wouldn't want a criminal or a traitor for president would you?