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On Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 5:30:14 PM UTC-8, Bill Vanek wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Nov 2017 14:53:10 -0800 (PST), fffurken<>
> wrote:
> >On Tuesday, 7 November 2017 21:07:45 UTC, Dutch  wrote:
> >> Will in New Haven wrote:
> >> > He wasn't a conservative.
> >> 
> >> He wasn't a conservative, he was an atheist. 
> >
> > Do you think there are no conservative atheists? Maybe I need to brush up on my 
> American definition of 'conservative' (I recall Vanek seeming to say that atheists and 
> liberals were the same thing).
> Not really.

LOL at you ‘God’ people. How about looking at your Religious Conservatives? They’re just using
religion, too, to control you. They yell “Squirrel!” (sic) “Look at Hillary!” “But
Obama!” “Uranium!”

You really believe all those Republican politicians are religious? That they believe in gods?
“Nixon goes to church Sunday, film at eleven.” Then lies and burglarizes. How many of those
“Good Christian Republicans” have been caught cheating on their wives, convicted of crimes and
jailed, yet still sell you on, “I believe in god and those Democrats don’t?”

You’re trying to use religion, where it – and they – are actually using you.

> Progressivism certainly worships government,

Good little stooge. Puke up some more FOX/GOP talking points. Then notice how the politicians you
‘worship’ keep using our government to further themselves? They use religion to use you. It
obviously works.

> and religion and God are enemies of totalitarian rulers, so it's not terribly far
> off to say that Progressives are all atheists.

Look what you wrote: “Progressives are all atheists.”
You wing-nuts are all parrots. You Cut & Paste that right from FOX/GOP? 

> It's harder to stereotype your run of the mill liberal.

Because we can’t be. But I’ve just stereotyped you. Just as your party has.
Now tell us what a “Run of the mill” liberal is. 

> They're more likely to be atheists, but the one thing they are with certainty is mentally ill.

Say they guy that just made mentally ill statements. Boy, have they ever got you…

Jerry (run-of-the-mill Atheist) ‘n Vegas