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Subject: Re: Virginia Governor-Race
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Subject: Re: Virginia Governor-Race
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 14:53:59 +0000 (UTC)
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Travel<> wrote:
> ...
>It's a nothingburger. Democrats only kept what they had, like a Maryland
>or California Democrat-governor win.
> ...

Bullshit.  The GOP had a *supermajority* in the Virginia House
of Delegates.  As of today, they may not even have a majority.
It's a blue tsunami:
 | Shocking Democratic wins test GOP majority in Virginia
 | House of Delegates 
 | It was an election in which Virginia Republicans hoped they
 | could limit their losses. Turns out, they couldn't.
 | The morning after voting, Democrats retained an outside
 | chance of taking control of the House of Delegates for the
 | first time in nearly a generation, with the balance of
 | power hanging on the outcome of several races deemed still
 | too close to call.
 | Going into the election, Republicans had a nearly
 | two-to-one majority in the lower house of the General
 | Assembly, and the widespread pickups exceeded even the
 | Democrats' most hopeful expectations.

 | President Trump bears the blame for Democrats' electoral
 | sweep on Tuesday according to former Sen. Rick Santorum,
 | who said he has failed to deliver the decisive legislative
 | victories he promised.
 | ...