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Subject: Re: Virginia Governor-Race
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On Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 9:44:03 AM UTC-5, Travel wrote:
> On Friday, November 3, 2017 at 8:07:16 PM UTC-4, Travel wrote:
> > Virginia-Governor Race:
> >
> > 
> > The Republican definitely has the "big mo" in this race, coming from way behind, earlier on.
> > 
> > Note the mainstream media polls/Real Clear Politics has the Democrat decidedly ahead. We'll see
yet more proof of bogus left-polls on election day.
> > 
> > Currently the Democrats only have 15 governorships, and there is one Independent governor in
Alaska who's effectively Republican.  
> > 
> > Manafort's Properties
> >
> Voter turn-out.
> The voter turn-out in the "Red" counties was way down from expectations. Meaning, conservatives
(Trump voters) stayed home rather than get out to vote for Gillespee.
> Giilespie's a "Bushie," a bad candidate and has weak Republican support. They "polled" for him
rather than the Democrat of course, but they didn't turn-out on election day. It was like the
Jebster was running.
> Also, Northrum (Democrat) went-weasel and started campaigning conservative when Gillespie started
gaining in the polls; as anti-sanctuary cities, etc., and stating that he would work with Trump if
> Then, obviously, the BFP won Virginia (that's gone-blue in previous elections), and Gillepie was
supposed to win, anyway. 
> It's a nothingburger. Democrats only kept what they had, like a Maryland or California
Democrat-governor win.
> Republicans swept the four special elections for the important indicators.

"Then, obviously, the BFP won Virginia (that's gone-blue in previous elections), and Gillepie was
supposed to win, anyway."

Make that: Northrum was supposed to win, anyway.