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Subject: Re: Senator Franken, the Minnesota Ass Grabber
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Subject: Re: Senator Franken, the Minnesota Ass Grabber
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On Monday, November 27, 2017 at 5:42:41 AM UTC-8, popinjay wrote:
> I personally don't think it sounds like he did much you could call wrong, not really a big deal. 
But it is simply delicious listening to him grovel and whine and cry about how he let his followers
down, waaaaaaah, waaaaaaaah!  Awww, poor Franken, he championed women and then in a moment of
manhood he grabbed some ass.
> What a cad.  Big fucking deal.
> It's even more delicious listening to the silence of Clave and Bradley.  You'd think it was their
own asses that Franken grabbed.

Fuck that, we all grabbed ass. The elephant in the room is that Donald Trump is the biggest
ass-grabber of them all and the right-wing simply gives him a pass. Even his worthless cross-eyed
press secretary had to sell out with, "Franklin admits it and that hillbilly child-molesting hick

Chris, Franken pantomimed grabbing a flackjacket-covered tit and 'presumably' slipped a tongue to a
gal that was voluntarily kissing him. Who hasn't made a pass that way?

What a bunch of whiney dodgers...