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Subject: Re: Senator Franken, the Minnesota Ass Grabber
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Subject: Re: Senator Franken, the Minnesota Ass Grabber
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On Monday, November 27, 2017 at 7:12:03 PM UTC-8, Clave wrote:
> On 11/27/2017 3:22 PM, VegasJerry wrote:
> <...>
> > Chris, Franken pantomimed grabbing a flackjacket-covered tit and 'presumably' slipped a tongue
to a gal that was voluntarily kissing him. Who hasn't made a pass that way?
> I never did, and it wouldn't make it right if I had.
> Compounding the tragedy of what these (and many more) women have had to 
> endure is all these pedophile sympathizers like Pop-Tard piling onto 
> Franken as if his inexcusable behavior 

Inexcusable behaviour? It’s how it’s initiated. As Franken said, “apparently unwanted.” Is a
kiss anticipated? Suggested? During the kiss, who started relaxing their lips? How was it suggested
it become deeper? They dress sexy; they sashay up; they ‘bump hips;’ they invite the moves…
then, when you respond with a grab, or a deeper kiss; is that, too, an ‘invitation to proceed
further?’ The mating dance is a progression. You either stop it, say no, or retreat. But to use
that as an opportunity to self-aggrandize is bullshit.. Look at the women Bill Cosby has parading
themselves in front of the cameras, years after the “horrible event.” GMAFB. What did they think
was going to happen when invited to his private room and offered a drink? Was he supposed to ask
first? “Are we going to fuck?”

This gal accusing Franken of, “going too far,” is making $350 an appearance on talk shows (if
that’s what they’re still paying) and getting offers? Did you see the results of one of her
photo shoots?  “Oh the poor innocent girl…” (Gag)

And the others are lining up for their cut. The last one was, “Inappropriately touched me in
2010?” They’re fucking groupies. When I was a jail guard, the women in the women’s cell would
entice some young male guard to come over to the cell door; offer a ‘feel’ then claim assault.
“I was in a helpless position and he took advantage. How about a plea bargain?”

And that gal that’s bitching about Soon-to-be-Senator Moore. “He actually called me at my
school!” Yea? So why did she actually go out on a date with him? Hello?

I was a cop and I was a biker. I’ve seen the groupies. I’m with the politicians – and others
– saying; “Why didn’t they say something at the time?” “Why did they eventually yield?”
“Why did they come to our room?” Why are they so “UN” offended when a cash settlement is

You better recognize the other side of the coin in this flip..

Jerry (offended) 'n Vegas

somehow justifies Moore's and 
> T-Rump's (far, *FAR* worse) inexcusable behavior.
> And yes, it's not a binary right/wrong thing where all wrongs are equal.
> Not that Pop-Tard and the rest of the poo-flinging monkeys are capable 
> of subtle nuance like that.