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Subject: Re: Zero daylight between Donald Trump and the Republican Party
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Subject: Re: Zero daylight between Donald Trump and the Republican Party
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On Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 10:56:44 AM UTC-8, risky biz wrote:
> 'The Senate Judiciary Committee seemed to prove this week that it will rubberstamp any judicial
nominee President Donald Trump sends over, no matter how unqualified. On a party-line vote, the
panel said this past week that Brett J. Talley should have a lifetime appointment to the federal
bench in Alabama, reports the Los Angeles Times. It apparently made no difference to the Republicans
on the panel that Talley, 36, never tried a single case and has been a lawyer for only three years.
What qualifies him for the job? Maybe several incendiary blog posts, in which he denounced
“Hillary Rotten Clinton”

The party has got to see itself as on the way out. They’ve sold their souls to their big donators.
Most of them know they’ll not get reelected; Citizens United or not. What people, not in the 1%,
aren’t going to get screwed? Higher taxes, loss of medical or student loan, or any of a number of
other deductions. You think they’ll reelect the Republicans that screwed them? Only a few of the
stupid wing-nut here and in Hillbillyland.

The Republicans know – even if the wing-nut readers here don’t – that virtually every
congressperson is guaranteed a job after they’re out of office. Nobody leaves Washington. All they
need do is pass legislation beneficial to their donors and they’re guaranteed a position on the
board of directors of “Whatever” company; usually some defense contractor; or hired by some
think tank; or become a lobbyist. So your present day Republican is getting their benefactors huge
income tax cuts and huge corporate tax cuts. And the Trump family goes home, eventually, over a
billion dollars richer.

And the stupid wing-nuts still don’t know they’ve screwed themselves – along with us.