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Subject: Re: Wow, Matt Lauer is a bigger POS than Clave
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Subject: Re: Wow, Matt Lauer is a bigger POS than Clave
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On Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 11:58:22 AM UTC-8, popinjay wrote:
> I didn't think there was a bigger turd than Clave, but the more news coming out on Matt Lauer,
kinda makes Clave look like a decent sorta guy.  I have to assume that Clave does not cheat on his
wife nor walk around with his cock exposed in front of co-workers.  Maybe Clave is a good guy after
all.  Because Matt Lauer is looking worse, and worse, and worse.
> By the way, it is hilarious to watch his interview with Bill O'Reilly and implying that he is such
a freaky piece of shit.  I guess Matt Lauer is the perfect judge.
> But don't get me wrong, I'd like to give Katy Couric a pinch on the ass too.  Well, maybe when her
ass was a little younger.  I have scruples.

What you’re seeing is, women scorned. These groupies and cock-chasers have been screwing these men
of power for years. Then; when they find out they weren’t, “Their one true love;” they feel
scorned and start getting even. Look how the come out of the woodwork. “What? That bastard had
other women? Well I’ll show him.” And they start whining.

Look at all the women Bill Cosby had. Each thought they were his one true love. Each though
they’ve convert him to love them. And when they’re scorned; they start getting even.

It’s a playboy’s life for these guys. But eventually, it catches up with them. Just think of all
those that haven't been caught -- including yourselves.