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Subject: Re: Hey Fffurken: Enya? Or Neev Kennedy?
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Subject: Re: Hey Fffurken: Enya? Or Neev Kennedy?
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On Thursday, 30 November 2017 20:57:44 UTC, popinjay  wrote:

> I didn't know they had Negroes in Ireland.  I thought it was just green hills and pastures and

You hardly think Ireland has escaped the Great Population Replacement / White Genocide plan do you?
The (libtarded) kids probably think it's "cool" though. Morons. Is it any wonder that leftists
(/globalists) are always trying to lower the voting age.

> Are there jungles?

There's been quite a lot of chatter on social media and the like (The MSM Fake News won't really
touch it) recently about "youth gangs" terrorising local communities in certain areas of Dublin,
e.g. - 'Tyrrelstown' (on the signpost behind) is a
suburb of Dublin.