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Subject: Re: Zero daylight between Donald Trump and the Republican Party
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Subject: Re: Zero daylight between Donald Trump and the Republican Party
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On Friday, 1 December 2017 05:15:54 UTC, Clave  wrote:

> T-Rump's base is beyond thought, beyond reason. ...............................

> Trumpswabs want nothing more than Dear Leader (*spit*) to "win", for no 
> reason other than that he hates the same people they hate.
> What most of these turnip-truck dipshits don't get is that T-Rump hates 
> them too even though they can't deny that he's completely turned his 
> back on his "populist" campaign rhetoric and become everything he 
> promised not to be (except a racist misogynist homophobe, which again is 
> all the Pop-Tards care about).
> The entire GOP leadership knows this, and they embrace it because they 
> work for the Kochs and Mercers -- this is beyond rational debate.
> And again, that's just fine with the Trumpswabs, as long as Dear Leader 
> continues to tell them that all their problems are being caused by 
> blacks, Muslims and women and that their hatred of all minorities is 
> Just Fine.