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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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On Saturday, 2 December 2017 17:39:19 UTC, BTSinAustin  wrote:
> No.  I pointed out he was the pussy that insulted the Muslim guy from his car.  Got smacked in the
face and drove off like a frightened little girl.  Some hero you have there.  As I recall you posted
the video to show the evil Muslims are.  Frrrken fail.    You are too easy.

lol I'm "too easy" and you proved that by posting a paragraph of one lie after the other. And as I
explained to you before, you fat shit too scared to leave the house without a gun, Tommy Robinson
has more balls in his little finger than you do. The fact that he has the good sense to not step out
of his car to be beaten up by a mob of koranimals in a "Muslim neighbourhood" does not prove

Here's a Britain First video -

Can you produce any video of Tommy Robinson doing the same, fatman?