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Subject: Re: Around the bowl and down the hole
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Subject: Re: Around the bowl and down the hole
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On 12/2/2017 4:45 AM, da pickle wrote:
> On 11/30/2017 6:39 AM, da pickle wrote:
>> The group is truly on the deathbed.
>> Less than 30 posts a day.
>> The only mildly interesting information being provided by
>> risky
>> Tim
>> fffurken
>> Jerry
>> Two or three brief exchanges more shouting than discussing but at 
>> least somewhat thoughtful.
>> The rest JUST shouting and posturing.
>> RIP soon
> Only 23 posts yesterday ... and not even ONE was "thoughtful".

Ten additional posts ... mostly in one thread ... dead before it started.

Clam quite active but no contribution ... except a poor addedcopyrepost 
of an Irish Mike post ... really poor attempt at what he thinks is humor.

One comment does make an on topic observation ... but it is likely to be 

On 12/2/2017 3:04 PM, fffurken wrote:
 > On Saturday, 2 December 2017 20:46:01 UTC, Dutch  wrote:
 >> Trump is unlikely to make it until 2020.
 > Do you want to bet? Doggy is already in the hole for 500 dollars I 
believe. I'm happy to take your money, too.

I think my prediction on that bet was that risky would welch on it ... 
like the late BillB would do. [Or maybe deny that there was ever a bet 
at all.]

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