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From: VegasJerry <jerryst@cox.net>
Subject: How do you measure the success of others?
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Subject: How do you measure the success of others?
From: VegasJerry <jerryst@cox.net>
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How do you measure the success of others? Can you measure them by your own personal failures and the
failures of others? Take Donald Trump for instance. He has successfully gained the Presidency of the
United States by lying to you; and having others lie to you; to get your vote and support. Although
required to divest himself of profiting from this position he simply didn’t, and has profited
greatly from that. (He even overcharges the Secret Service for renting rooms at his estates and
hotels and for golf carts to follow him around his estates while he plays golf). He succeeded in
getting tax legislation through that benefits him and his family by more than $1 billion dollars.

So, by lying to you; and getting others (like the Russians and Fox) to lie to you; about himself and
others; he’s a success. He has benefitted himself while he has increased our taxes and cut his own
– and those of his friends in the upper 10%. He has increased your and my medical insurance
premiums; or caused some of us to lose our medical insurance altogether. It is also promised that
our Social Security and Medicare will be cut in the future to pay for this. The bill for all this
national debt is passed on to us and our kids.

Is all that your failure? Only if you didn’t heed the warning of others about him; and if you
continue to support him and his Republican counterparts. Do you? If you can’t answer, it becomes
your fault and your failure.

Jerry (answering) 'n Vegas