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From: irishranger317 <irishranger317@gmail.com>
Subject: Democrats in Detroit fail - again
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Subject: Democrats in Detroit fail - again
From: irishranger317@gmail.com
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"An iconic sports stadium in the Detroit area was supposed to meet its end on Sunday, but not
everything went according to plan.

Officials were supposed to conduct a partial implosion of the Pontiac Silverdome around 8:30 a.m.,
with a blast originally set to break the metal beams supporting the upper ring of the dome and
causing the structure to fall to the ground.

But after some blasts went off and a plume of smoke enveloped the former home of the Detroit Lions,
the structure was still standing.

City officials told FOX 2 Detroit the implosion failed, adding that  "what was supposed to happen,
did not."

LOL!  Is anyone even remotely surprised about another failure is this Democrat controlled shit hole?

Irish Mike