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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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On Monday, 4 December 2017 14:39:39 UTC, BTSinAustin  wrote:

> No dumbass, your OP falsely claimed I said your hero was part of some other nutcase organization
and I proved you wrong.

No dumbass, my OP claimed (correctly) claimed that you said Tommy Robinson was someone who went to
"Muslim neighbourhoods" to insult the poor Muslims ("scary brown people") religion. Which is not
true, or if it is.. PRODUCE THE EVIDENCE! Britain First, on the other hand, DO do that (and the
moose limbs fall for it every time).

And I see that you have now doubled down on your lies by saying that Tommy Robinson is a member of
"another nutcase organisation", WHAT organisation does Tommy Robinson belong to? lol At this stage I
might just start calling you fake news... in Austin.