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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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On Monday, 4 December 2017 16:21:24 UTC, BTSinAustin  wrote:

> Oh yes, here's the video you fool.   Start at 1:00

LOFL! This is it?? This is your evidence that Tommy Robinson is someone who goes to "Muslim
neighbourhoods" to insult the "scary brown people"'s religion? The same, single video you've been
harping on about for.. how many years now?

Btw, if you want to link a YouTube video to play from a minute onwards, do you not know how to do
that, you fat cunt? 

And even this (single) video doesn't back up your claim. Ostensibly it is footage recorded for an
American entity (hence the subtitles*) of Tommy Robinson driving through the area he grew up in,
Luton, or as you call it, a "Muslim neighbourhood" (you're probably right about that now), and it
involves a conversation instigated.. not by Tommy Robinson.. but by someone else, hint: it was the
only person in the clip to commit an assault.

*As I would understand the accent and slang of someone from Luton, correction at, he says "mug", not "muck".