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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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Subject: Re: Note to BSinAustin Re: Trump tweets
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On Monday, 4 December 2017 18:27:48 UTC, BTSinAustin  wrote:

> Well you drunk child molesting retard,

Well, you egregious slanderer...

> he was associated with "European Defence League", 

He was not associated with "European Defence League", whatever they are, perhaps you're thinking of
the EDL, you dumb shit, an organisation he co-founded and has since left.

> "British Freedom Party", 

Never heard of them either.

> and "Pegida UK" to name a few.

He is eh, "associated" (lol) with PEGIDA (, which you Islamist
cock-sucking loons think are Nazis. 

Seriously, stop posting shit, you'll never stop slandering me I know, not least because you're a
weak, pathetic shit flinging monkey (no offence to monkeys) but at least stop posting FAKE NEWS, you
shameless idiot.

> All nutcase organizations so again I am right and you are wrong.  You're too easy.

You've never been right about anything.