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Subject: Win or lose, Republicans lose
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Subject: Win or lose, Republicans lose
From: risky biz <swingtrader@gmail.com>
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Now a pedophile is formally endorsed by Donald Trump. 

By what reasoning are voters like Irish Mike and 'travel' not the most valuable assets of the
Democratic Party?

P.S.: LOL at the 'church' at the bottom of the story that decided it didn't want to be THAT moral on
this particular Sunday.

'The Alabama Senate race is days away, but already, top Republicans are admitting defeat.

Whether their candidate, Roy Moore, overcomes multiple on-the-record accusations of child
molestation and sexual misconduct to win on Dec. 12 or not, top party officials concede that Alabama
has been a disaster for the national brand — and either result will put the Republican
congressional majorities in jeopardy.

“There’s no outcome here in which the Republican Party can say, ‘Well, that turned out OK,’
no outcome where we can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief,” said Scott Jennings, a GOP
strategist who is close to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Both outcomes are bad for the overall
health and brand of the Republican Party.”

If Moore wins, Republicans fear that candidates up and down the ballot will be forced to answer for
his every alleged action and confirmed comment, as the Senate grapples with whether to seat him. If
he loses to Democrat Doug Jones, then the Republican hold on the Senate majority will grow even more
tenuous, threatening to grind congressional action to a halt and fueling progressives on the left.

“If [Republicans] lose, the lesson is, you nominate a far-right wing nutcase candidate, you’re
going to lose the seat,” said veteran GOP pollster Whit Ayres. “If he wins, then the lesson is,
you nominate a far-right wing nutcase candidate, then it puts the party in an impossible situation
where you’ve got someone deemed not fit to serve in the body to which he’s been elected.”

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was interrupted as he addressed sexual misconduct allegations
during a speech at a Baptist church in Theodore, Alabama on November 29. In a speech at the Magnolia
Springs Baptist Church, Moore said he was being attacked by “the Democrats who push a liberal
agenda,” as well as “the Washington establishment.” He continued, "The attacks have not only
been false and numerous but malicious. They’ve attacked me for my judicial decisions, my property
taxes, my salary at the Foundation for Moral Law … And sexual immorality, now." Moore went on to
question why the allegations had not been raised before, at which point a man shouted, “All the
girls are lying?” The man was escorted from the church by security, as some members shouted,
“Get out of here," according to AL.com.'