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Subject: Too young for Shirley Temple
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Subject: Too young for Shirley Temple
From: popinjay <paulpopinjay@sbcglobal.net>
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Tonight while playing blackjack we were wondering who was the voice behind some Christmas music they
were playing.  I thought it might be Shirley Temple.  The young dealer of about 25 looked at me
confused.  Had no clue who Shirley Temple was.  I said she was a child movie star and that she grew
up to be an ambassador under Reagan.  Do you know who Reagan was?  "I've heard of him", said the

The thing is, Shirley Temple was not MY generation, she was my PARENTS' generation, yet I still know
who the fuck Shirley Temple was.  These kids today, they don't know fuck.

PS: I know now that I got it wrong about Reagan, I checked when I got home, so no asshole like Clave
needs to tell me I was wrong, I already know.  But still, you get the drift of my post.