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On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 4:42:44 AM UTC-5, popinjay wrote:
> Tonight while playing blackjack we were wondering who was the voice behind some Christmas music
they were playing.  I thought it might be Shirley Temple.  The young dealer of about 25 looked at me
confused.  Had no clue who Shirley Temple was.  I said she was a child movie star and that she grew
up to be an ambassador under Reagan.  Do you know who Reagan was?  "I've heard of him", said the
> The thing is, Shirley Temple was not MY generation, she was my PARENTS' generation, yet I still
know who the fuck Shirley Temple was.  These kids today, they don't know fuck.
> PS: I know now that I got it wrong about Reagan, I checked when I got home, so no asshole like
Clave needs to tell me I was wrong, I already know.  But still, you get the drift of my post.

altho the kids of today have the same tiny brains we had, they have way more information to process.
remember we had 3 tv channels, the phone attached to the wall for limited use , and information came
from a 10 yr old set of encyclopedias, news came once a day on the evening news. the hard drives in
todays kid's  brains are full so they have to delete anything older than a week to make room for the
latest on lady gaga. (i know even she is dated already).