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On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 6:25:04 AM UTC-8, yooper wrote:
> On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 4:42:44 AM UTC-5, popinjay wrote:
> > Tonight while playing blackjack we were wondering who was the voice behind some Christmas music
they were playing.  I thought it might be Shirley Temple.  The young dealer of about 25 looked at me
confused.  Had no clue who Shirley Temple was.  I said she was a child movie star and that she grew
up to be an ambassador under Reagan.  Do you know who Reagan was?  "I've heard of him", said the
> > 
> > The thing is, Shirley Temple was not MY generation, she was my PARENTS' generation, yet I still
know who the fuck Shirley Temple was.  These kids today, they don't know fuck.
> > 
> > PS: I know now that I got it wrong about Reagan, I checked when I got home, so no asshole like
Clave needs to tell me I was wrong, I already know.  But still, you get the drift of my post.
> altho the kids of today have the same tiny brains we had, they have way more information to
process. remember we had 3 tv channels, the phone attached to the wall for limited use , and
information came from a 10 yr old set of encyclopedias, news came once a day on the evening news.
the hard drives in todays kid's  brains are full so they have to delete anything older than a week
to make room for the latest on lady gaga. (i know even she is dated already).

Johnny, I have asked young dealers lately if they saw the movie Casino.  Then I've asked if they
know who Robert DiNiro is.  No, and No.  Wtf?