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Subject: Re: LOLOL@Islamophobe
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Subject: Re: LOLOL@Islamophobe
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BillB's widow wrote:

> On Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 12:09:36 AM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
> > I would have thought you'd be off celebrating 24/7 now that pompous
> > ass husband of yours was so kind to pop off.
> You must be that "Dutch" guy he told me about. Aren't you the
> complete moron who claimed for the longest time that Islamophobia
> wasn't a real thing?  LOLOL!!

I always told Bill that screeching "Islamophobia" in the face of every
criticism of Islam was the tactic of an intellectual coward. He was
unable to deal with that reality. Maybe that killed him.

> Bill also told me that you believed that Saudi princes were executing
> multi-million dollar racehorses for being gay! hahaha Don't worry...I
> didn't fall for that one. I knew he was just joking. NOBODY is that
> fucking stupid, right?

He talked about me? That's not surprising. We was a pc nitwit, good
riddance to him.