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Subject: Re: LOLOL@Islamophobe
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Subject: Re: LOLOL@Islamophobe
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fffurken wrote:

> On Thursday, 7 December 2017 21:39:41 UTC, Dutch  wrote:
> > I always told Bill that screeching "Islamophobia" in the face of
> > every criticism of Islam was the tactic of an intellectual coward.
> Yet you use the term (call others that) yourself, with a "Dutch knows
> best" caveat.

I never said that the term was completely meaningless, it's just
overused, and misused as a blunt instrument to silence all criticism of
Islam. A person who defaces mosques or verbally abuses Muslims on
public transit is obviously an Islamophobe,

I'd like to point out here that while you bristle at the "all Muslims"
criticism, your position appears to be exactly that.