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On Thursday, 7 December 2017 21:52:35 UTC, Dutch  wrote:
> fffurken wrote:
> > On Thursday, 7 December 2017 21:39:41 UTC, Dutch  wrote:
> > 
> > > I always told Bill that screeching "Islamophobia" in the face of
> > > every criticism of Islam was the tactic of an intellectual coward.
> > 
> > Yet you use the term (call others that) yourself, with a "Dutch knows
> > best" caveat.
> I never said that the term was completely meaningless, it's just
> overused, and misused as a blunt instrument to silence all criticism of
> Islam. A person who defaces mosques or verbally abuses Muslims on
> public transit is obviously an Islamophobe,

Your hypocrisy is legendary.

The very make-up of the word, and what it conflates, has of course also been criticised, e.g. -

> I'd like to point out here that while you bristle at the "all Muslims"
> criticism, your position appears to be exactly that.

I don't believe that all Muslims are anything other than alive, you SJW liar.

My definition of 'Muslim' is of course strict* (basically what it is), unlike yours. Which as we
discovered recently is essentially meaningless, at best. And I don't know why you would expect me to
respect anyone who believes (the essentially deified) Muhammad (piss be upon him) is the perfect
human and role model for all of mankind, and that Muslims are superior.

Let us not forget, that the superiority of Muslims is a normal belief (among Muslims). Here is an
example from a video which I posted previously in the thread entitled - "MUSLIMS REACTING TO
HOMOSEXUALS", which I only watched casually, of Muslims who pretend to be all tolerant and shit, but
are too stupid to airbrush their Muslim supremacy from their video.

Here is another one of their videos of a confrontation with Jayda Fransen (Britian First) -

*I have given my exceptions before, MINO (Muslim In Name Only), Muslims in denial of (the awfulness
of) their (so-called) religion and I've also said that I don't believe there are 1.6 billion (or
whatever it is) Muslims in the world. Which I think of as more of a count of the populations of
Islamic countries, millions of whom won't actually be Muslim. Although it's obviously hard to be
open about that, as the punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. And even if they aren't murdered,
they can expect to be ostracised from their family, exiled from the community at large, etc.