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Subject: Re: Trump steps up and smashes the ISIS Caliphate
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Subject: Re: Trump steps up and smashes the ISIS Caliphate
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On Wednesday, 27 December 2017 12:42:54 UTC-8,  wrote:

 > LOL!  This from the same smug left wingers who predicted, right up to 
election day, that Trump  didn't have a chance to win the election. 
They crowed that their polls showed that every one loved Obama and 
Hillary and that every one hated Trump.

Smug. You’re right about that. (That’s the only thing.)

Democrats were so over confident many didn’t bother to vote. The polls 
weren’t wrong, they just didn’t figure on a unprecedented poor turnout 
among the more intelligent voters.

Trump’s winning was really just a longshot fluke. An alignment of 
extraordinary occurrences that made the nearly impossible possible.

1. Extremely low turnout of intelligent educated voters who didn’t think 
they needed to bother.

2. Russian interference and felony collusion with Trump and his 
campaign. (It remains to be seen if the actual vote was hacked by Russia.)

3. James Comey’s announcement of re-opening the fake email investigation 
2 days before the vote in an effort to help fellow Republican, Trump. 
(Comey was later canned by the ungrateful backstabbing turd. LOL.)

4. A multi-decade unrelenting attack by Fox Fake News and other 
rightwing sites and media that damaged Hillary’s image in the group of 
uneducated fools that were prone to hate blacks and women and happy to 
believe the lies from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh (and other 
rightarded assholes).

5. A fairly mediocre campaign run by the Clinton camp who were also a 
little smug and over confident.

(And don’t forget – Clinton still won by 3 million votes.)

The polls were wrong in Alabama too. Those polls didn’t count on 
Democrats getting off their lazy asses and voting in extraordinary 
numbers. (And they will do the same in 2018 and 2020.)

Enjoy your euphoria. It won’t last long. After 2018 and 2020 the GOP 
will be finished permanently.  Good riddance.