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On Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 6:02:31 PM UTC-5, anon1 wrote:
> On Wednesday, 27 December 2017 12:42:54 UTC-8, irishranger wrote:
>  > LOL!  This from the same smug left wingers who predicted, right up to 
> election day, that Trump  didn't have a chance to win the election. 
> They crowed that their polls showed that every one loved Obama and 
> Hillary and that every one hated Trump.
> Smug. You’re right about that. (That’s the only thing.)
> Democrats were so over confident many didn’t bother to vote. The polls 
> weren’t wrong, they just didn’t figure on a unprecedented poor turnout 
> among the more intelligent voters.
> Trump’s winning was really just a longshot fluke. An alignment of 
> extraordinary occurrences that made the nearly impossible possible.
> 1. Extremely low turnout of intelligent educated voters who didn’t think 
> they needed to bother.

Working class Democrats turned out - and voted for President Trump.
> 2. Russian interference and felony collusion with Trump and his 
> campaign. (It remains to be seen if the actual vote was hacked by Russia.)

After 18 months of left wing partisan investigation, and $millions of taxpayer dollars,
there is no proof of collusion or that the Russians changed even a single vote.  
However, it has re-opened the  Clinton's Uranium One deal and the $145 million
foreign governments kicked back to the Clinton foundation.
> 3. James Comey’s announcement of re-opening the fake email investigation 
> 2 days before the vote in an effort to help fellow Republican, Trump. 
> (Comey was later canned by the ungrateful backstabbing turd. LOL.)

You are right about it being a "fake" e-mail investigation.  It has now come
to light that the top leaders of the FBI gave Hillary a free pass and colluded 
to hide the clear evidence of her wrong doing.  Not to mention Bill Clinton's
secret meeting with Obama's AG Loretta Lynch right before they let 
Hillary off the hook.

> 4. A multi-decade unrelenting attack by Fox Fake News and other 
> rightwing sites and media that damaged Hillary’s image in the group of 
> uneducated fools that were prone to hate blacks and women and happy to 
> believe the lies from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh (and other 
> rightarded assholes).

LOL! Are you serious?  The left wing drive by media was totally in the tank for
Hillary from the beginning.  They were caught publishing so much anti-Trump
fake news that they finally lost credibility with even the left wing Kool aid drinkers.

> 5. A fairly mediocre campaign run by the Clinton camp who were also a 
> little smug and over confident.

"A little smug"!  "Fairly mediocre campaign"!  LOL!  How about Hillary being a fatally flawed
candidate and running one of the most incompetent campaigns in Presidential election history!
She out spent the Trump campaign by $hundreds of millions and still lost!  And forget that
left wing gibberish about it being a close election.  

Here are the facts:
*President Trump & the Republicans won, Hillary & the Democrats lost.  
*President Trump beat Hillary 307 to 227 in Electoral College votes.
*President Trump beat Hillary 31 States to 19 States in the popular vote.
*Republicans now control the Whitehouse.
*Republicans now control the Senate.
*Republicans now control Congress.
*Republicans now control 36 of 50 State Governorships.
*Republicans now control two thirds of all State Legislatures.  
*Republicans won more than 900 Legislative Seats from Democrats.  

No one knows what will happen in the future.  But we do know two things
for sure.  Not one single Democrat voted for President Trump's
middle class tax cut and job creation bill.  The Democrats would rather 
see America fail than President Trump win.

Irish Mike

“If you want to piss off a Conservative - tell him a lie.
If you want to piss off a Liberal - tell him the truth.”