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Subject: Re: Are Americans idiots? Part 2
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Subject: Re: Are Americans idiots? Part 2
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On Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 5:00:26 AM UTC-8, BillB wrote:
> Okay, as expected, vanek wasn't able to explain to us why the old tax returns were just way too
complicated for him to report his Taco Bell earnings.. Anyway, now Uncle Trump says he can do it on
a postcard, and vanek couldn't be happier! I hope he can figure that out the postcard.
> The next thing that makes me think Americans are idiots is that a SIGNIFICANT number seem to be
buying into this notion of a "Trump economic boom" where none exists. It's complete fantasy, but
it's all they're talking about over on Fox News.
> Last week I heard Mark Levin bragging that black unemployment under Trump is the lowest it has
been in 17 years. That is lying by omission. Is anybody really buying this nonsense?
> 3% GDP growth is a boom...what?? It's been 2 quarters. Obama had consecutive quarters over 4%. Q3
in 2014 was over 5%. Were the Republicans touting the "Obama economic boom" then? Of course was economic ARMAGEDDON under Obama.
> Unemployment has continued to decline under Trump at approximately the same slope it did under
Obama for the previous EIGHT YEARS. Now it's an economic boom? Why?
> Obama was said to be bankrupting the country by allowing the national debt to increase $10
trillion. Under Trump it is currently projected to increase $12 trillion over 10 years, and that's
without any more Trump populist boondoggles like the "middle class tax cut" ($1 trillion in tax
savings to the wealthy). 
> There is no Trump economic boom, and I can only hope that people come down on him as hard for
causing a real crash as they've worked giving him credit for creating a fake boom.

You can't get a single doofus to admit their healthcare cost increase this year was the direct
result of Trump blocking government subsidy payments to insurance companies. “I’m killing
Obamacare.” – Trump. 

And now this tax cut bill removes the Individual Mandate for next year and the insurance companies
have said they will have to increase premiums another 10%. “Obamacare is essentially dead now”
– Trump..

Using their chart; I get a tax cut of $600. But an increase in insurance premiums of $800. And the
tax cut dissolves over the next 7 years. (Not for the rich or the corporations)

I got my notice from Social Security that after two years I finally get a COLA (cost of living
increase) of 2%, but that my Social Security payment is reduced to what it was because of insurance

Not a single fucking trump supporter here will admit they were wrong in voting Republican.