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Subject: Mueller's Resume vs Trump's Resume
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Subject: Muellers Resume vs Trumps Resume
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Who to believe:

Mueller: • Born August 7th, 1944 in Manhattan • Grew up outside of 
Philly • Graduated High School in 1962 • Won award as school’s top 
athlete • Went to Princeton • Graduated with a degree in Politics in 
1966 • Went to New York University • Graduated with Masters in 
International Relations in 1967 • Partially in response to a friend 
getting killed in Vietnam he enlisted in the Marines in 1968 • Attended 
officer training at Parris Island • Also attended Army Ranger and Army 
Jump School • Was sent to South Vietnam where he served as a rifle 
platoon Commander • In April of 1969 he was shot in the thigh, recovered 
and returned to active duty • He earned the following medals while 
serving in Vietnam o Bronze Star with Combat V; Purple Heart; Navy and 
Marine Corp Commendation Medals; Combat Action Ribbon; National Defense 
Medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross…and several others • He 
returned to America and earned his law degree in 1973 from Virginia Law 
School • Worked for 3 years as a litigator in San Francisco • Worked 12 
years in the US Attorney Office o Rose to chief of Criminal Division • 
Moved to Boston to work as Assistant US Attorney • Prosecuted financial 
fraud; terrorism; public corruption; narcotics conspiracies and money 
laundering • Worked in Boston at a private firm until 1989 • Joined the 
US Department of Justice working on national security • Worked on the 
following cases…Manuel Noriega; Pan Am Flight 103 and the Gambino Crime 
Family • Moved between private and public service until 1998 when he was 
named the US Attorney for Northern California • Bush (W) nominated him 
for FBI Director in 2001 and he was confirmed 98-0 • One week after 
taking the office came the 9/11 attacks • He remained in office for 12 
years…the second longest term in FBI history • This long term required 
Senate Approval • He was replaced at the FBI in 2013 by James Comey • He 
had been teaching, speaking and consulting since 2013 when he was asked 
to run this investigation into Russian collusion.

Trump’s resume looks like this during those same years: • Sent to 
military school because of poor behavior • Faked bone spurs and dodged 
draft • Denied African-Americans housing for his daddy’s real estate 
business • Lied • Cheated • Grifted • Learned to Tweet • Lied • Cheated 
• Grifted