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Subject: When Ginsburg and Thomas BOTH Think You're Wrong...
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Subject: When Ginsburg and Thomas BOTH Think Youre Wrong...
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About 40 minutes after Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch began his 
second day of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, all eight 
of the justices he hopes to join said a major disability decision 
Gorsuch wrote in 2008 was wrong.


Under Gorsuch’s opinion in Luke P., a school district complies with the 
law so long as they provide educational benefits that “must merely be 
‘more than de minimis.’”

“De minimis” is a Latin phrase meaning “so minor as to merit disregard.” 
So Gorsuch essentially concluded that school districts comply with their 
obligation to disabled students so long as they provide those students 
with a little more than nothing.

All eight justices rejected Gorsuch’s approach. IDEA, Chief Justice 
Roberts wrote, “is markedly more demanding than the ‘merely more than de 
minimis’ test applied by the Tenth Circuit.” Indeed, Roberts added, 
Gorsuch’s approach would effectively strip many disabled students of 
their right to an education.


UPDATE: Shortly after the Supreme Court’s Endrew F. decision came down, 
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) asked Gorsuch about his now-discredited 
decision. Gorsuch defended his approach in Luke P., claiming that he was 
“bound by circuit precedent.” But Gorsuch is not correct.