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Subject: DeVos Humiliated at Harvard
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Subject: DeVos Humiliated at Harvard
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This one isn't very old at all:

	While Trump’s swamp-addled Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried
	to speak at Harvard University to sell her special privatization
	of public school branding “school choice,” she found herself the
	subject of an incredibly powerful and well orchestrated “silent”
	protest. Silently standing up as the DeVos speech got under way
	was one young woman, holding up a sheet with “White Supremacist”
	emblazoned in red on it. Then another young man stood up
	silently with a sign reading “Our Students Are Not 4 Sale!” As
	security tried move protestors along by speaking to them, more
	and more students unfurled signs saying “Protect Survivors’
	Rights,” “Our Harvard Can Do Better,” “Reclaiming My Democracy,”
	and “Dark Money,” amongst others. During her stupid speech
	promoting charter schools, she tried the rhetorical oratory
	trick of asking a rhetorical question.

	    DeVos: So what do we do? Increase funding? Does that solve
	    the problem?

	To which a student responded “Yes.”

	In the silence of the room, the answer is clear and perfect.
	Students responded with snapping instead of clapping during the
	protest—keeping the volume of the event very low. Later on,
	during a question and answer section one student asked one of
	those questions you wish a senator or a reporter might ask.

     	    Student: So, You’re a billionaire with lots and lots of
	    investments, and the so-called “school choice” movement is a
	    way to open the floodgates for corporate interests to make
	    money off the backs of students. How much do you expect your
	    net worth to increase as a result of your policy choices and
	    what are your friends on Wall Street and in the business
	    world—like the Koch brothers—saying about the potential to
	    get rich off the backs of students?

She doesn't answer, of course.