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Subject: Re: Christian terrorists demand more Trump voters on jury!
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Subject: Re: Christian terrorists demand more Trump voters on jury!
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On Saturday, December 30, 2017 at 2:50:23 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:

> If members of an overtly Christian group or person commit acts of terror 
> to advance what they believe to be Christian goals then that would be 
> Christian terrorism.

Fuck you.  Is Santa Claus a terrorist?  He invades millions of private property residences every
year, whether welcomed or not?  When you see Baby Jesus in a manger, is that what runs through your
mind, thoughts of blood and gore and terror?  I was just reading a news article from Pakistan, the
local kangaroo court ordered the daughter to be gang raped because she chose her own husband to
marry.  Is that a Christian thing?  I'm so sick of you, BillB, Clave, Tim, et al.  There's a very
good chance I'm going to dump this newsgroup in 2018.  Eat shit and die.