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Subject: I can't believe the murders lately
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Subject: I cant believe the murders lately
From: popinjay <paulpopinjay@sbcglobal.net>
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Especially in Vegas.  I set my news links to Vegas, basically, so I often know what's happening in
Vegas before I know of Fresno.  This morning was especially shocking with the deaths of two security
guards at Arizona Charlie's on Decatur.

And it seems almost every day in Vegas someone is getting murdered.  Although, friends I know who
live there say they feel safe, especially if one minds his own business.

On another subject, what is up with that "swatting" news story in the midwest, where some freak in
California called in a SWAT call on someone half across the country.  I saw the video on the news,
and I don't understand why the police had to kill him.  And I'm not even going to ask Jerry his
perspective.  Who gives a fuck what Jerry has to say.  But what crime should they convict this creep
of who generated the "swat" call in the first place?  I think he should get Life.  But still, I
don't see why the need for the police to shoot the victim.  It's a fresh news story, maybe more will
be revealed.