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Subject: Re: I cant believe the murders lately
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On Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 1:55:17 PM UTC-8, Seymore4Head wrote:

> I don't read all of the messages here.  

Then you're really missing out on some Islamophobic masterpieces. 
> Did anyone express any sadness for your passing when you changed your
> persona from Billb to His grieving widow?

No...I think even most right-wingers were bright enough to deduce that "death by exploding ego" must
be a joke. 
> Must be pretty bad for your ego that no one expressed any sadness when
> you faked your widow story.

No, but what did really hurt was that none of the right-wingers were celebrating. I thought I was
worth at least a couple fuck you and good riddances.
> What was the point of that switch anyway?

The switch? You mean my transition to being black? I guess I just became increasingly disappointed
and eventually repulsed by the white race. I had to get out.