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Subject: Re: I cant believe the murders lately
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On Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 3:28:03 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:

> Right, a spoof of a decent, compassionate woman who by all appearances 
> actually died. The kind of no-class move we've come to expect from BillB.

I wasn't spoofing any woman, dead or alive, you lying piece of shit. The underlying message of the
joke was *related* to the Bea situation, but that's all. I was clearly "spoofing" people who would
believe that someone was dead on no other evidence but an anonymous post from someone claiming to be
that person's widow.

Once I saw the online obit and, more importantly, some of the comments that followed, I became
convinced that I understood who "Bea" was, and that she was in fact dead. Up until that point, I had
no compelling evidence to believe she was dead, or even that she was a woman.

I don't know that Bea was "decent and compassionate". I always tried to be nice to her and she was
mean and vicious toward me. I'm not really seeing the decency or compassion there. When I think of
decency and compassion I think of people more like me, who behave in a more Jesus-like way.