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Subject: In defense of Ramashiva
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Subject: In defense of Ramashiva
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It was mentioned on this newsgroup recently that Ramashiva outed "Bea" with the name of an unrelated
person (which was said to be opening up that unrelated person to the risk of real world harassment,
which seems a stretch).

Just to set the record straight since Ramashiva isn't here to defend himself, the name Ramashiva
gave was not "unrelated". It was Bea's same-sex partner, living at the same residence. Also,
Ramashiva did make it clear at the time that he wasn't 100% sure that that was Bea's real name, but,
as it turns out, his online detective work was worthy of his claimed 200+ IQ. Had he decided to
carry his investigation any further, it is almost certain he would have uncovered the whole truth in
very little time.

Finally, it is important to remember that Ramashiva only resorted to trying to out Bea when she
persistently acted like an anonymous internet coward, mercilessly harassing Ramashiva for weeks on
end after he had asked her several times to simply leave him alone.

That is all.

I am not accepting any responses to this post, unless Ramashiva himself wishes to add or clarify
something. (Or Bea, if I am wrong about her actually being dead)