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Subject: Re: In defense of Ramashiva
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Subject: Re: In defense of Ramashiva
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On Monday, January 1, 2018 at 5:16:53 AM UTC-8, BillB wrote:
> It was mentioned on this newsgroup recently that Ramashiva outed "Bea" with the name of an
unrelated person (which was said to be opening up that unrelated person to the risk of real world
harassment, which seems a stretch)..

Here's one of your 'stretches' which occurred today:

'Wyoming authorities warned Lone Tree police about bizarre implied threats more than six weeks
before a gunman killed a Douglas County deputy and wounded four law enforcement officers, officials

Riehl, using the pseudonym Matt Gonzo, posted the threats on websites he created including
“University of Wyoming College of Law Veterans,” according to Chad Baldwin, university spokesman.

“It certainly did catch our attention. Anyone who read those posts can be left with an opinion
that they were threatening. They were certainly alarming and bizarre,” Baldwin said.

Riehl’s e-mails to professors were accusatory and had no basis in fact. The professors replied to
him in a professional manner, suggesting he seek out mental health care, Samp said.

“These messages were highly indicative of someone with major mental health problems. It was
definitely on the dark side of the spectrum,” he said. “Everybody knew Mr. Riehl could use some

Riehl also began posting videos on YouTube in November expressing anger at Lone Tree Police
Department officers, particularly one officer who appeared to have pulled him over in a traffic