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From: VegasJerry <jerryst@cox.net>
Subject: I want an apology from you stupid assholes
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Subject: I want an apology from you stupid assholes
From: VegasJerry <jerryst@cox.net>
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I want an apology from you stupid assholes

You were warned about watching FOX and listening to Rush Limbaugh. You were told that asshole Trump
was a liar. He told you Hillary was a liar and you drink the cool aid. He told you he’d get
healthcare for all and at a cheaper price and you smiled and drooled.

I don’t mind if idiots fuck themselves, they usually deserve it. You reject unions and facts and
truths and anything else the Republicans shove your face in. But now you’ve fucked me and mine.

Now “I” have higher medical insurance rates. Now “I” have to pay higher taxes. Now MY kids
will lose money, or healthcare because they have preexisting conditions.

And you stupid ignorant fucks can’t even admit to your own failures.. You can’t admit you were
fooled. And a few of you still defend the Republicans and that ignorant fuck of a president because
you it helps you hide your embarrassment. 

You have no shame and are cowards to admit you were taken in and wrong.

Apologize, or you’re still worthless ignorant assholes.