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Subject: Re: Where would Iran be without Obama's $150 Billion?
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Subject: Re: Where would Iran be without Obamas $150 Billion?
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On Monday, January 1, 2018 at 11:11:18 PM UTC-8, wrote:
> Where would the Iranian islamic terrorist government be without the $150 Billion
> Obama gave them?  Would they have been able to fund world wide anti-American
> terrorism?  Would they have been able to secretly buy nuclear weapons technology
> from the North Koreans?  Would they have been able to crush the pro-democracy
> citizens protests?  
> And do not buy into any of the left wing Democrat crap about this being Iran's money.
> That money was frozen because of Iran's muslim terrorists activities and their
> involvement in the murder of American soldiers and citizens.  The muslim mullahs
> in Iran got those $tens of billions of dollars for one reason and one reason only.
> Obama gave it to them for his ego driven political ambition and America got
> absolutely nothing in return.
> The truth is that ISIS grew, took over territory the size of Ohio and slaughtered tens of thousands
> of people all over the world because of Obama's ignorance and arrogance.  Because he refused
> to listen to his generals and pulled all of our forces out of Iraq.  Because he bowed down
> to muslim leaders and refused to even say the words "muslim terrorists".  And because
> he totally under estimated the danger of ISIS and called them the "JV team".
> Yet President Trump stepped up, put his generals in control and in his first year in office has
> destroyed ISIS, drove them out of the cities they controlled and decimated their army.
> They went from more than 20,000 soldiers of less than 1,000.
> I thank God Obama is finally gone, Hillary is history and President Trump is in office!
> Irish Mike

The reason people like you are losing political support is that you are blabbering chimpanzees who
have no issues without employing lies. That, and endorsing a pedophile for the US Senate. That was a