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Subject: Re: Hey Fffurken - South Africa
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On Tuesday, 2 January 2018 03:43:39 UTC, popinjay  wrote:
> I don't know if it's that good cough syrup I had, but I have been having vivid dreams for days
now.  I just woke up from an afternoon nap, and it was filled with nightmares.  Earlier, you may
have noticed I made comments to Retard Jerry about South Africa.  Well, I made the "mistake" after
that of watching several youtube videos about the plight of White people in South Africa, and how so
many have been slowly emigrating to England, New Zealand, and Australia, since the 90s, when the
Blacks (Communists) took over.  Notice that they are basically not coming here.  Of course, with
Obama as president, he didn't want them here.  He wants every other piece of riff raff in the world
to come here, but not innocent White people from South Africa, who are ultimately going to be
butchered.  The crime against and murders of White South Africans is reaching epidemic.  Naturally,
not such a big item on the nightly news.  As I commented earlier, what about the White people who
cannot afford to just up and relocate their entire lives to another land?  The poor ones.
> I'm not going to describe my dream, suffice to say it was awful.  Dreams are dreams.
> One video I saw had young South Africans, White AND Black, holding hands and protesting against
the continued use of the Afrikaan language, kinda like these idiot libs in our country are taking
down all the statues of our history.  I feel strongly that, like libs anywhere, they don't know that
they are awaiting a slaughter.  They will be swallowed up by the very people they feel sorry for,
like the idiots in Europe who welcome every immigrant.
> There are still over 4 million White people in South Africa.

The white race is the only race with a death wish.

It's worth mentioning that it's not the same in all of Europe, it's mostly Western and Northern
Europe. Eastern European countries haven't been infected with the poison of political correctness
and cultural marxism, in particular the Visegrad Group, with Hungary and Poland being staunch
opposition to Ayatollah Merkel's economic migrant "quotas". Other notable exceptions I would say are
Denmark and, as we discovered recently, Austria