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Subject: Re: Hillary operatives offer women $700K to accuse Trump
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Subject: Re: Hillary operatives offer women $700K to accuse Trump
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On Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 9:07:40 PM UTC-8, wrote:

> “Hillary Clinton would rather climb a tree and tell a lie, than stand on the
> ground and tell the truth.

Any normal person would mortified to post something like that after Trump lied almost 2000 times in
less than a year. That’s more than 5 lies (verified by factcheckers) every single day of his

Trump is incapable of telling the truth in a tree OR on the ground. 

===from Time Magazine===

President Trump Made 1,950 Untrue Claims in 2017. 

When President Trump sat down with the New York Times for an interview recently, he said something
untrue about every 75 seconds.

That’s not just the usual political boasting and grandstanding. Those were actual, verifiable
claims which professional fact checkers investigated and found to be untrue. 

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